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The State of Qatar has one of the fastest growing economies worldwide and has grown exponentially over the last decade. The State of Qatar has therefore embarked on fostering a sustainable and prosperous society that will meet the needs of and secure a high standard of living for all of its people. To bring this vision to fruition, an unprecedented amount of construction is currently taking place across the country. Undoubtedly, an outstanding transportation system is a major key to realizing this goal. Having this vast amount of new state-of-the art facilities would definitely require, among other things, a professional Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) Engineering Team to be a part of moving the State of Qatar forward.


ITS Qatar started out as a company of highly qualified professionals with the necessary expertise in transportation technology and its engineering fields to help turn the State of Qatar’s goals into reality.

Fully Responsive

ITS Qatar has adopted the System Integration approach to provide Turn-Key solutions to meet the needs in various areas such as ITS, Traffic Management, Security, Communications, etc. in the State of Qatar.
By stressing on specialization in System Integration, and a complete dedication to total quality, we are able to meet the needs of our clients on a custom-made basis.
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